About Us

You have an idea, right? You want your home to look a certain way and be a place that you’re proud of. That’s just how I feel about my business.

My mission is to help bring your ideas to life.

Painter and Decorator in Whitstable Kent. Plastering in Whitstable and Herne Bay
Max Houston – Owner
Whitstable Decor and Developments

Humble Beginnings

In 2003, after a year of travelling with my girlfriend and a baby on the way, I bought my first property for my new family. My new home was in desperate need of updating and so with little money to spare, I embarked on my first redevelopment, simply learning as I went along. Despite having no training, my new home looked amazing when finished and that’s where my passion for development began.

After a couple more successful projects for friends and family, I went to college and obtained formal qualifications as a specialist painter. I then began trading and providing services for local people and businesses.

Developing Developments

As my business grew, many of my customers needed more than painting. Although my property development skills were pretty good, in 2016 I met Marian and was able to really expand on the services provided. Born in Bucharest and having been working ‘on the tools’ with his father since he was 15, Marian is a fantastic all round multi-tradesman. His plastering and tiling skills are amazing and he is totally dedicated to providing top class work. We now also have a wide range of local trade contacts to provide additional building skills to support our primary services. We pride ourselves on our friendly and respectful approach to all our clients.

Our Values

Our values are simple:

  • To treat you and your property with care and respect
  • To talk honestly and openly regarding your budget and expectations
  • To maintain regular contact with you throughout the duration of the project
  • To provide the same quality of service regardless of the size of the job
  • To always leave our clients happy.

To find out more or to obtain a quote for your project, contact us on:
Tel: 07948 464723 
Email: whitstabledecor@gmail.com